Welcome to our website. Our web site is not the usual big porno company "Amateur" site. We are real people and we meet and party with the members of this site at least 6 times a month at our members swing parties we host and at Bar meets in Pennsylvania and Tampa. We answer all our mail personally, usually the same day. This site has been on the web since 1999. We started this site to share our swinging lifestyle with people that we meet in chat rooms on AOL and it has grown to the point where we no longer hang out in the chat rooms, but now we hang out with the members of this site. Single men, women, and couples, we enjoy them all and party with them all!!  My wife Tracy, and myself have been in the swinging lifestyle for over 5 years and she is a true exhibitionist and loves to be photographed and videoed in action!  We live in Chester County Pa. and have recently bought another home in Tampa Florida at a world class nudist resort. We travel back and forth to Florida a couple times a month. We both love the sun and the laid back lifestyle in Tampa, plus we shoot a lot of the photos and videos you will see in our members area there. Tracy is the true housewife, soccer mom type and until recently drove the proverbial mini van!  She doesn't work outside of our homes, but has her hands full with me!  She is 39 years old, looks 25 and fucks like a teenager....lol.  She has green eyes, blonde hair, and is 5'8 1/2 and is 37c /24 /35.  She has a diamond belly ring and recently added a butterfly tattoo on her lower back which in her words "Hurt like a Motherfucker."  Yours truly on the other is a beat up old 50 year old ex car salesman.......lol. We love the people that we have met on this site and meet and party with them often. We have bar meets in PA. and Florida at least twice a month so we always are running into our members and enjoy there company immensely!  We have constantly updated this website three times a week for over 3 years.  All the content you get here is 100% original and all taken of our swinging escapades over the years. There is so much bullshit out there, that we invite you to join us, and guarantee that you will have finally found a real amateur web site, and a real amateur swinging couple that cares about there members and delivers what they promise.  I love watching my wife getting fucked as much as she loves FUCKING, so this is a marriage made in heaven... take our free tour . We invite you to join us in our adventures.... "life is short and we love living it"!

Wild Bill and Tracy